Turning a fun hobby like button making into a business can mean earning as much as $25-$100 per hour.

On our Web site, you'll find a variety of button-making machines, parts and accessories, along with button design software to help you build your button-making business.

It's easy to sell buttons because everyone loves buttons!

Your potential customers:
• Local Businesses
• Political Candidates
• Sports Fans
• Radio Stations
• Restaurants
• Schools
• Kids
• PTAs
• Churches
• Photographers
• Crafters
• Local Organizations
• ...the list can go on & on!
Kids love buttons...and so do their teachers! Buttons get students fired up about important topics, increase their memory retention and turn learning time into fun time! Use bull-dog clips, colorful lanyards or our super-strong magnetic bars as a safe alternative to pins. If you're looking for a fun reward, our spin-back button sets will keep the kids' minds and heads turning!

Buttons make an excellent classroom project. You can design your own buttons, let the kids create their own masterpieces, or choose from hundreds of colorful designs in our catalog and on our Web site - there's one for everyone!

Classroom ideas:
• Awards
• Recognition
• Art Projects
• Party Favors
• Birthdays
• Treasure Box Fillers
• Holiday Crafts
• Field Trip ID
• Photo Buttons
• Name Tags
Badge-A-Minit offers the equipment and accessories for your group or organization to create professional-quality buttons and sell them to raise funds. Buttons are a great fundraising product because they are quick, easy and inexpensive to make.

Whether it's to assist in fundraising for your favorite candidate, or to encourage support, buttons are an effective choice for political campaigns, not to mention a time-honored tradition!

Think of the fun your group will have designing and making buttons - it's a great team motivator!

Sell buttons at:
• Church Bazaars
• School Sporting Events
• Craft Fairs
• Flea Markets
• State Fairs
• Community Events
Badge-A-Minit opens the door to countless craft possibilities - for adults and kids alike! Draw your own designs or use a favorite cross-stitch or needlepoint pattern. Pre-printed designs can be personalized with ribbon, lace or beads. And favorite photos instantly become wearable fashions when you turn them into a button!

You can seel your craft buttons at flea markets and craft stores, or set up a booth at the local mall. They're sure to be a BIG seller! Turn a fun hobby into EXTRA CASH!

Kids love to get creative. Crayons, markers, glitter, stickers - the decorative options are unlimited and so are their imaginations! Buttons can turn their creations into a refrigerator magnet masterpiece, a one-of-a-kind ornament or ready-to-wear work of art!

Make your crafts with any of our buttons parts sold in a wide range of quantities, and you'll soon discover the endless ways to incorporate buttons into any craft!

Craft & Fun Ideas:
• Refrigerator Magnets
• Purse Mirrors
• Kids Party Activities
• Key Chains
• Ornaments
• Jar Toppers
• Birthday Favors
•  Seasonal Crafts
• Greeting Cards
• Spinners
• ...just use your imagination!
Buttons make an excellent promotional tool for any event, club, business or organization. You can put any logo, message or slogan on either a 1¼", 2¼" or 3" button from Badge-A-Minit. By making buttons yourself, you automatically cut out the high costs issued by manufacturers of assembled buttons. This means you can make as many or as few buttons as you need at a moment's notice. Plus, you can create a variety of your own buttons designs on your computer using our design software, Button Builder Pro, or choose from hundreds of pre-printed designs in our catalog.

Additional Ideas:
  • Inexpensive Giveaways
  • Political Campaigns
  • Advertise Current Specials or Sales
  • Grand Opening Announcements
  • Promote Community Awareness
  • Make nametags for class reunions or company meetings
  • Take sports' team photographs and turn them into buttons - parents love them!
  • Use buttons as gift tags during the holidays or at any time of the year
  • Turn a canning jar into a personalized gift by adding a magnet-back button to the lid and fill the jar with potpourri or candy.