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  • Badge-A-Minit ROCKS! I have been making buttons for forty years -- yes, I started in 1980! -- and my first machine was your 2-1/4" hand press. I made buttons for friends, schools, clubs and for myself. Now I've got the automatic machine and make buttons to promote a local band and to provide inspiration and motivation for a local university program. I sell buttons but mostly give them away for free -- people love them! Thanks for being part of the FUN for forty years, Badge-A-Minit!

  • Hello, I'm a part time crafter and occasional fund raiser. I love the product and your designs, but I have also used my own photography to make buttons and key chains for my Boy Scouts in the past. Thank you for a great product.

  • I have been with BAM for many years. I started when I was putting together a reunion for our high school marching band that had been in the Rose Bowl Parade and I wanted to make some buttons; a friend sent me to BAM so I bought one and away I went, LOL. Then it turned into friends and family asking for something here and there, then I decided to start making them to sell, and it all just snowballed. LOVE the customer service; love how fast orders are filled and received; love the variety; just overall LOVE BAM.

    Thank you for 30 years of good product and service.
    Eagle RIver, WI.

  • My customer love the buttons. They come back for more and I'm highly recommended for the past 20 years. Thank you.

  • My father bought a Badge-A-Minit kit for me over 25 years ago. I hadn't used it since I was in elementary school. My own son, who is in 8th grade, decided to run for junior high treasurer. The first thing that popped in my head was my Badge-A-Minit. I still had it, stored away, and it works perfectly! He was so excited to use it to make his campaign buttons. It was great to see the design has remained the same - tried and true - all these years, aside from some color changes.

    We can't wait to receive your catalog and see what the new generation of button-making has in store for us!
    New York

  • I have been a customer since 1994. The customer service, quality, and prices have consistently been GREAT!

  • Badge-A-Minit is very easy to deal with. I am a repeat purchaser because of the quality of the badges and the low prices. I also saved a bunch of money with the free delivery.

  • I've been a fan for more than 20 years. I'm still a fan - and I'll be recommending them widely.

  • Quality Products! Lifetime Guarantee! They really mean it as I found out after agreeing to make the name badges for my Church. Our old equipment had made "many thousands" of badges and had become a little hard to use after 20 plus years. I contacted Badge-A-Minit and they promptly sent us new equipment at no charge. Their "lifetime" guarantee is just that - LIFETIME. We have placed orders for supplies and the service couldn't be better or easier. Would we recommend Badge-A-Minit? Yes, without the slightest hesitation. Quality products, great prices and the best personal service we've found.

    Thanks, Badge-A-Minit. Blessings to you.
    Shelia Ford
    Church of the Good Shepherd
    Vancouver, Washington

  • They are always fast and accurate with my orders. I'd recommend them to anyone.

  • I love it! Awesome price and great quality. As soon as I received my machine, I made 40 buttons to give to friends at a birthday party. They were a big hit!

  • The machine is so easy to use and I plan on using it for a long time. Thank you so much for the prompt delivery.

  • I am the President of the Fayette County (PA) Blind Association and a certified teacher of the visually impaired during the school year. I needed a theme for our yearly SPARK (Summer Program in Arts and Recreation for Kids) with visual impairments program (ages 8-12) and chose buttons in general. The real high point of the week's activities was letting the kids start a button-making business using your products and have a button sale on the last day! They sold $412.00 worth of buttons in 3 hours!

    The major goal of this program was to prove to the kids that they are able to compete with their sighted peers in the work world. They made the 2¼" buttons using the Badge-A-Matic I machine and an assembly line concept.

    How did they know which side of the ready-made pictures was the right one, you may ask? We notched the pictures so they could be placed in the machine with the picture in the right position. The notch was turned back down before pressing the button. The pinback has a "V" which had to point to the kids' belly and in their assembly line they would chant "pinback, cover, art and plastic". EVERY student learned to make the buttons independently and as a team!

    We were so proud of them and they had a great time, all the while learning to create the buttons. In addition, they had to take the button order, figure the amount due and make change if needed on sale day. We now have two parents who have volunteered to help with the "SPARK: Button Blitz" program through the school year so the kids can get together one time a month to fill orders. (We hope to market our buttons to the various schools in our county.)
    Donna Myers
    Fayette County (PA) Blind Association

  • Back in the year two thousand and two
    We were frantically looking for something to do
    To reward employees and keep them happy
    Something cheap and not too sappy.

    When what should appear in our daily mail
    But an advertisement that could not fail;
    It came from a place called Badge-A-Minit
    And all you need is a place to pin it.

    Since that time a guy named Jim
    Has been busy punching - it keeps him trim.
    Buttons he's made for every occasion,
    For every group and organization.

    Buttons for Senior Center Week,
    For Class Reunions (who's the geek?)
    For Holidays, and just for fun
    A button for grouches he has done.

    He also made one with our names
    So we would know the guys from the dames.
    Look at the picture; we feel real sassy
    'cause we know that our buttons are classy.

    But we'd really feel like lucky ducks
    If you'd choose us for the hundred bucks!
    -Written by Deanna Tuttle
    -Submitted by Midland Area Agency on Aging

  • I have been dealing with Badge-A-Minit for over 4 years now and they consistently come through for me in great products and services! A highly valuable source for me to use! Thanks Badge-A-Minit!
    T&D Collectibles
    North Little Rock, AR

  • My merchandise came even earlier than promised. I had asked for some advice online about the product and they replied promptly with helpful information. Have been using BAM for 20 years, great product, great people.
    Newburgh, IN

  • Badge A Minit got my order to me before Christmas as promised and it has been a favorite gift of my teenage daughter. She is making spirit badges for the school, "art" badges, and special badges for a band. She absolutely loves it. Her only comment was "when are they coming out with a smaller badge...like 1 inch?" Thank you for a wonderful product.
    North Lima, OH

  • Great customer service. Prompt with processing of order and delivery. Would highly recommend and would not hesitate to order from them again!
    Auburn Hills, MI

  • I've been dealing with Badge-A-Minit for about 20 years. To this day, I have always had EXCELLENT service. My orders always arrive on time. The staff at Badge-A-Minit does an excellent job! I plan on dealing with them for another 20 years.
    Manchester, PA

  • Everytime I call to place an order I hear a friendly voice at Badge-A-Minit! There's always someone to help answer my questions or advise me on what's right for my button-making needs. I will always order from Badge-A-Minit. Thanks,
    St. Louis, MO