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Build your design collection and save on button parts!

Welcome to the Badge-A-Minit VIP Button Design Subscription! This is an exciting new addition to the wonderful world of button making! Each month, you will receive 51 button designs that focus around a theme. For example, your January delivery will include best-selling and never-before-seen Valentine's Day designs! As a thank you for signing up, we're including a complimentary manual Cut-A-Circle with your second monthly shipment, your gift to keep! Each month you receive a credit of $9.95 towards badge parts. This credit can be redeemed at any time, for up to 75% off of your total purchase. Use your credit each month, or save your credits and combine towards a larger purchase. The choice is yours!

Each month you'll receive:

vip picture • 51 BEST-SELLING and BRAND NEW designs focused around a theme.

• A complimentary Cut-A-Circle with your second monthly shipment!

• $9.95 credit towards future badge part purchases, which you can accumulate* and combine towards up to 75% off of one large purchase.

• Or use your credits each month for up to 75% off of your purchase.
You choose how you spend!

*Accumulate up to 36 months only.

vip picture

All of this for only $9.95 per month!

(This is a monthly reoccurring charge. You may opt out any time.)

Since your membership fee is credited towards badge parts, it's like you're receiving the VIP program FOR FREE!

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