3" Cut-A-Circles

Created specifically to cut circles for Badge-A-Minit 3" Button Making Machines, our 3" Cut-A-Circle makes it easy to cut designs so you can produce buttons quickly. Do you make both 2 1/4" and 3" buttons? The Cut-A-Circle Plus and the 2-in-1 Automatic Cut-A-Circle adjust to make precisely cut circles in each size. All Badge-A-Minit Cut-A-Circle come equipped with blades. Manual Cut-A-Circles also come with a self-healing mat.
3" Cut-A-Circle

Make circles that are perfectly sized for any Badge-A-Minit 3" button maker with this manual circle cutting machine.
Made in the USA
Cut-A-Circle Plus
The Circle Multi-Tasker

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When it comes to making circles for 2¼" and 3" buttons - this is the manual circle cutting tool that does it all! The Cut-A-Circle Plus has the ability to make the standard 2¼" and 3" diameter cuts, as well as the slightly smaller cuts needed for thicker papers and photographs. Just switch the placement of the blade according to your project demand and you're ready to go! Blade and self-healing cutting mat included. Optimize your productivity and check out our automatic 2.25-inch circle cutter.
Made in the USA
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2¼" and 3" Automatic Cut-A-Circle
Perfectly Cut Circles
Are you looking for "all-around" perfect method for cutting your button artwork? Save time and create the ideal circle with our 2¼" and 3" Automatic Cut-A-Circle. This 2-in-1 paper circle cutting tool cuts designs for either 2¼" or 3" buttons with the push of a button. Standard 110 AC operation.
Made in the USA
This item is currently out of stock!