Want Even More Ideas?

Buttons make an excellent promotional tool for any event, club, business or organization. You can put any logo, message or slogan on either a 1¼", 2¼" or 3" button from Badge-A-Minit. By making buttons yourself, you automatically cut out the high costs issued by manufacturers of assembled buttons. This means you can make as many or as few buttons as you need at a moment's notice. Plus, you can create a variety of your own buttons designs on your computer using our design software, Button Builder Pro, or choose from hundreds of pre-printed designs in our catalog.

Additional Ideas:
  • Inexpensive Giveaways
  • Political Campaigns
  • Advertise Current Specials or Sales
  • Grand Opening Announcements
  • Promote Community Awareness
  • Make nametags for class reunions or company meetings
  • Take sports' team photographs and turn them into buttons - parents love them!
  • Use buttons as gift tags during the holidays or at any time of the year
  • Turn a canning jar into a personalized gift by adding a magnet-back button to the lid and fill the jar with potpourri or candy.