Bench Press (Intermediate)

Bench press systems are ideal for higher volume production - the table-top design makes it faster and easier to apply leveraged pressure.

All of our Bench Press Systems include one portable lightweight bench assembly press that will accommodate the color-coded assembly rings for 1¼", 2¼" and 3" buttons. Instructions are easy to follow.
2¼" Bench Press Kit
The Crowd Pleaser

The 2¼" Bench Press Kit provides the parts, the portability and the price to get your 2¼" button-making ventures underway! Fifty 2¼" pin-back button sets combined with our bench press and assembly rings set make projects in the classroom, the fund-raising booth or your home business quick and easy.
Made in the USA

  • Bench Press
  • 2¼" Assembly rings set
  • 2¼" Pin-back buttons, 50 sets
  • Free Ground Shipping
2¼" Bench Press System
It's All About the Extras

There's strength in numbers! Give your button construction a boost with the 2¼" Bench Press System. With a Cut-A-Circle and 250 pin-back sets, you'll have an ideal system for group projects, fundraising or special events.
Made in the USA

  • Bench Press
  • 2¼" Assembly rings
  • 2¼" Pin-back buttons, 250 sets
  • 2¼" Cut-A-Circle
  • Free Ground Shipping
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