April 2008 Hot Button Winners

Congrats to our
April Hot Button of the Month Winner!

Our April Hot Button of the Month Contest Winner is…Gina Montes from YouAskWeCreate.com in Riverview, Florida. Gina's "Pirate Birthday" button is a one-of-a-kind button custom-made for child's birthday.

"Clients come in and ask me for a custom button based on a specific theme...for this one the client requested a pirate," Gina said. "I design buttons as they are requested. Then once I develop a specific themed button, I have that as a template for future clients who request the same theme."

Using the templates helps keep the button cost down for the next client who want a button with the same theme. "My buttons are always customized for the client with their message," Gina said.

Many times, Gina asks clients if she can use a finished button as an example for her business.

"I always try to make each button special. For example, in the border I'll create a shadow or other special effect. When I'm designing for a child, I want that child to like the button so much that he/she never wants to take it off the shirt!"

Gina noted that her buttons are well-received by customers because they are designed according to the customer's wishes. She believes that making her own custom templates is the key because her buttons are unique.

As the April Hot Button of the Month winner, Gina will receive a $100 gift certificate to Badge-A-Minit.com.

April's Hot Button entries ranged from designs for one-of-a-kind buttons to designs for buttons for national organizations. But whether our contestants made one button or thousands of buttons with their designs, the winning entries all feature unique design, great results and/or unusual uses for buttons! For April, we awarded the title of Hot Button to 7 designs. Winners receive a coupon for 10% off their next purchase at Badge-A-Minit.com.

Don't be shy! If you have a favorite button design or idea, send it in! Remember: you can enter as often as you wish. We LOVE to hear from you and look forward to sharing your masterpieces with the Badge-A-Minit family.

Can't decide what to submit? Here are some ideas:
- Show your patriotism! Memorial Day is in May - and 4th of July is just around the corner.
- It's graduation time! Make a button for your favorite grad and enter it in our contest.
- Summer's almost here. That means flowers, picnics, swimming...family reunions. A wonderful season for buttons.
- Make us laugh...or giggle...or just smile.
- It's baseball season! Buttons are great for promoting Little League and softball teams.
- Try something new! Add leaves or flower petals to your buttons - and enter it in our contest.
- City festivals, parades, 5k races, and summer recreational activities all make for button ideas.
- Support your favorite politician with a button! We'd love to see your viewpoints!

The list is endless - and we want to see them all! It only takes a few minutes to enter, so do it today!

Corey Bankston from Austin Academy Robotics in Texas entered this design, which was created for the 2006 BEST Robotics Program state competition. The theme for the competition was "Mission to Hubble." The design was also used on t-shirts - and won the best t-shirt award at both the regional and state competitions. Buttons have been a big part of their program for 10 years. Corey noted that they created more than 500 for this competition and still ran out!
Relay For Life
"Relay For Life" was submitted by Mark Buckingham from Bucks House of Color in Brazil, Indiana. A participant in the event asked Mark to design a button to set the team apart from the others. "The customers loved the button," said Mark. The team will be wearing the buttons at their next event!
"Shy" was submitted by Sandi Lavito of Turlock, California. She designed the button for sale to earn money for her AP tests and other college educational expenses. "I sold these buttons to people who were willing to support my educational endeavor and who liked my arwork," Sandi said. "I have already seen decent sales, even with limited advertising!"
MTAC Infinity Presenter Badge
Lucas Leverett of MTAC in Tennessee entered this button, which was one of 10 different 3" button designs used to designate various type of participants or personnel at the yearly convention for fans of Japanese animation (Anime). Buttons have been used since their second event in 2001.

"Our event now brings in almost 4000 attendees, and we had to "order out" for the badges they get. But we still hand-make the 3" badges each year," Lucas said. He notes that all of MTAC's badges are considered collectible items and that they further the enthusiasm of the volunteers and visitors!
AIDS Walk 2008
The "AIDS WALK 2008" button design comes from Daniel Corona of Stockton, California. The button was designed to increase awareness and education about HIV/AIDS issues in San Joaquin County. The event takes place in May 2008.
Y'All Come Where Bells Are Rung
Phyllis Steffek from the Texas Chapter of the American Bell Association in Houston, Texas created this button to promote the American Bell Association's convention, coming up in Dallas in Summer 2009. Phyllis says the buttons will be placed in packets given out at the Denver convention in July 2008 to make people aware of 2009's convention. A great way to get attention!
Here For You
"Here For You" was submitted by Carolyn Sylvester from Grace Chapel in Lexington, Massachusetts. She notes that the buttons were worn by 40 Hospitality Committee members at the Chapel's Spring Conference, which was titled "Faithlift - Spaghetti for the Soul" (hence the checkered tablecloth look!). The buttons helped attendees identify the people who could answer questions and direct them to the appropriate locations for lunch, the conference sessions, the bookstore and the booksigning. "The event was wonderful - and the Hospitality Team members were easily recognized by attendees needing help," Carolyn said.