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Did you receive an error alert while using Button Builder?

Occasionally the software will report an error, usually when it encounters a situation which it has never seen before and has no way to react. It is helpful to learn about them in the event that an update is necessary. If you received an error alert while using Button Builder, you may use this form to let us know about it. We appreciate the feedback!

Answers to common error reports are found on the FAQ page.

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In the Button Builder Pro program, you can choose "About Button Builder Pro" from the "Help" menu. Doing so will present a text box containing information about your system. Please copy and paste that information here:

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Please describe in detail what you were doing when the error occurred, and any other info you think we should know about. Please note this this information is extremely important in helping us determine the cause of your problem. Please be as specific as possible - it really will help!