Summer Craft Ideas
Summer Craft Ideas

Summer Craft Ideas

  • For family reunions or big outings with friends, make silly awards for everyone as a remembrance of the day (for example, "I traveled the farthest distance.").

  • At large company picnics or outings, make name tags for everyone. You could also make awards, either humorous or serious, to distinguish certain individuals or departments.

  • Contract with local tourist attractions that have big turnouts in the summer months: zoos, amusement parks or even beaches/park districts. Sell them buttons for resale or make them name tags for employees, button registration IDs, etc.

  • For class reunions, make nametags by adding each person's old yearbook photo and name to the button. See how much everyone's changed!

  • As summer is the season for camps , give buttons as prizes for games or races, and have the counselors and campers make name tags for themselves as a "get acquainted" activity.

  • Make photo buttons for summer sports team members in your area (little league, soccer, softball, etc.) as well as individual player photos. Photo buttons can sell for $3.00 or more. Parents love them!

  • If starting an herb garden, label the rows of seeds or individual pots with garden markers you make with plain-back buttons hot-glued to popsicle sticks. You can even cut out the photo from the seed packet to use as your artwork!

  • Use buttons to mark place settings at birthday tables, baby or wedding showers.

  • Make decorative buttons to give as gifts for those attending a wedding reception . You could even make magnetic buttons, so all those in attendance will have a keepsake to remember your special day.

  • Buttons are also a great way to announce a birth - just attach them to a baby sock (pink or blue) and include the baby's name, weight, and length, along with any other fun information.

  • Local police and fire departments can always use buttons as give-aways to schools during a visit that promote what they are teaching (for example, "Stop, Drop, and Roll."

  • Fraternal organizations could sell buttons as fund-raisers , or members can wear buttons around town to promote an upcoming activity, such as a pancake breakfast.

  • Summer is the perfect time for pom-pon squads and cheerleaders to raise funds for new uniforms or to go to camp. Sell buttons or button crafts instead of the usual candy, or sponsor a table at a fair or festival where kids can draw their own artwork - and the squad turns it into a button right then for $1.00 or more!