Spring Craft Ideas
Spring Craft Ideas

Spring Craft Ideas

  • Decorate your kitchen with colorful refrigerator magnets by using dried flowers pressed into unique patterns.

  • Glue a plain back button to a popsicle stick after decorating the button for a potted plant. Or, if using bulbs, use tha button as a 'care direction' tag. Give the enitre plant as a housewarming or as an everyday gift.

  • Fill a canning jar with a homemade jam or sauce, potpourri or even your favorite candy. Then add our magnet-backs to the lid decorated with the receiver's name, and you've given two personalized gifts in one!

  • Make party favor buttons for a child's birthday party. You can also make name tags that the children can color themselves, buttons with rosettes as awards for games, and accent goody bags or treat cups with buttons following the party's theme.

  • When entertaining at an informal meal, use buttons, magnets or purse mirrors as place settings for your guests. These also make nice parting gifts.

  • Make photo buttons of spring sports teams–for both local school teams and your park district teams. Sell them to parents who are sure to love them!

  • As this marks the season for spring cleaning, you can use buttons to assign cleaning jobs around the house to your family. Simply color coordinate people and the place in the house to clean. For example, give Sally a red button to wear and then place red buttons around the house on or near things that need cleaning. It eliminates questions, and you will know who is responsible for not cleaning an area!