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Welcome to the Special Events page! Here is where you will find some of our like products by group or event. From our 50th Anniversary specials to Pride. Click the links below to be taken to all like products:

50th Anniversary Specials
Presidential Campaign Designs
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Political Campaign Designs
Wearing a campaign button is more than just a fashion statement - it's a powerful way to show your support for your favorite presidential candidate. Our high-quality buttons are designed to catch eyes and spark conversations, making them an essential accessory for any passionate supporter. Whether you're attending rallies, participating in grassroots efforts, or simply going about your day, a campaign button lets you proudly display your political stance and connect with like-minded individuals. These button designs are created to withstand the excitement of the campaign trail while maintaining their vibrant colors and clear messaging.

Not only do campaign buttons help you express your political views, but they also play a crucial role in building momentum for your candidate. Each button serves as a mini-billboard, spreading awareness and generating buzz wherever you go. As you wear your button, you're not only showing your allegiance but also encouraging others to learn more about your candidate and their platform. Plus, buttons make great conversation starters, giving you the perfect opportunity to discuss the issues that matter most to you. Join the movement and make a statement with our striking presidential campaign button designs - because every bit of support counts!
Current Events
Designs created to reflect historical and current events taking place both nationally and worldwide. New designs are added frequently.
LGBTQ+ Everything Pride
Starting with our PRIDE button making kit, including 10 ready-to-use designs and everything you need to create your first ten 2¼" buttons. Or our "You Pick" button making kit where you choose the ready-to-use designs.

If you already have a Badge-A-Minit Button Making Machine, select from our PRIDE ready-to-use designs.

If you prefer stickers, we can print any of our designs, or yours, on stickers. Stickers are located at the bottom of the page.

If you are looking for other custom Pride Merchandise, check out our sister company Best Impressions Promotional Products. For over 30 years, Best Impressions has been supplying unique and effective promotional products with lasting value. We're knowledgeable and ready to help you with detailed product information, special orders, delivery scheduling...anything you need. Mention you're a Badge-A-Minit customer and we'll waive any set-up charges! Click here to visit Best Impressions Promotional Products
Stand with Ukraine
Show your support for Ukraine. This page shows everything Ukraine.

• Purchase a Hand-Press button making kit that includes everything you need to make 10 pinback buttons. Choose your own Ukraine designs.

• Already have a button making machine? Choose from our Support Ukraine designs.

• Stickers! We have Support Ukraine stickers available!

• Want Support Ukraine themed pin-back buttons already assembled? We have ready-to-wear buttons. Select from the drop down menu for your choice of design and quantity.
We have a variety of Covid-19 products all in one convenient place! Ready to wear Covid finished buttons, stickers, downloads and designs.

Are you looking for a custom Covid design? Do you need help with a special project? Our talented Art Department is here to help. Simply reach out at 1-800-223-4103 or via email at questions@badgeaminit.com.

Looking for a custom quantity? Customer service can help set up larger quantity orders. If you need ten items or ten thousand, we can make it happen!