September 2014 Hot Button Winner

Congrats to our
September 2014 Hot Button of the Month Winner!

September's Hot Button of the Month Contest Winner is... Kristin Stokes from ke design studio, LLC in Huntersville, NC.. Kristin created these "Team Hillary" buttons help raise funds for a friend who was recently diagnosed with cancer.

"In an effort to raise money for additional medical expenses and to help with meals and pay for child care options throughout treatment, we created these buttons and sold them during a two-week campaign," said Kristin. "As a surprise, no one told Hillary, and we wore them the day of her next chemo treatment and posted photos of people wearing them, along with positive messages via social media."

Kristin explained that they also sent a package of buttons to open during her treatment, so she could past them out to her team of health care providers. "Our plan was a huge success - in just 10 days we raised over $1500 for Hillary and her family!" Kristin said.

As the Hot Button of the Month winner, Kristin received a $100 Badge-A-Minit gift certificate.
Congratulations to our September 2014 Hot Button Winners! If you've made a special button or have an interesting way to use your buttons, enter our current Hot Button Contest. You could win a coupon for 10% off your next purchase at And if you're chosen as a Hot Button of the Month winner, you'll get a $100 Gift Certificate!
BIFF Bowling League Anniversary
Jon Pelletier from South Elgin, IL created this button to help celebrate the 30th Anniversary Year of their bowling league. There are two of the original members still bowling, and more than 180 all-time members who have been in the league. "We made buttons, magnets and key chains with this design," Jon noted.
Get Committed to Rockhaven
Joanna Linkchorst from La Crescenta, CA designed TWO buttons to create awareness of a local historic spot that the city could no longer afford to open to the public. Joanna notes that "People who have never heard of Rockhaven are attracted to the iconic image of the gate. People who know Rockhaven was a sanitarium love the double entendre of 'getting committed' to Rockhaven and its future!"
Longest Married Dancing Couple
JD Firestone from Roseville, CA, uses this button at weddings to honor the longest married dancing couple. "At weddings, we feature the 'Generations Dance' where married couples are invited to dance to a romantic song in honor of marriage. The MC circulates announcing the number of years a couple has been married. When the longest married couple is located, that couple shares their advice for a long and successful marriage - and the newlyweds present them with beautiful ribbon buttons as they dance the night away," JD explained. He noted that this connects the generations and makes a beautiful memory.