September 2009 Hot Button Winners

Congrats to our
September 2009 Hot Button of the Month Winner!

September's Hot Button of the Month Contest Winner is…Kim Rubenstein from Ambler, PA. Raising awareness for the Jarrett Nature Center was the goal of this simple, yet effective button. "We introduced the Follow Me To Jarrent Nature Center" button at Earth Day events this year," said Kim. "Everyone loved them!"

The nature center is part of the school district and community. "There are a lot of children who take pride in their work at the Jarrett Nature Center," Kim explained. "And the button seems to make them very happy. It makes them feel as if they are the 'keepers' of the center." Members of the center's planning committee also make a point of wearing their buttons.

As the Hot Button of the Month winner, Kim received a $100 Badge-A-Minit gift certificate.
This month's entries highlighted nature, school spirit and awareness events. We had a very hard time choosing just a few, so we expanded the number of winners for September! Congratulations to all our Hot Button designers! And if you entered, but didn't win, please - try, try again!

As the weather turns brisk and the leaves change color, there are all sorts of opportunities for unusual buttons. Find the perfect leaf, glue it to an autumn background and you'll have a one-of-a-kind reminder of fall's beauty! Or take a photo at your favorite pumpkin patch and turn it into a nature magnet button to adorn your refrigerator. And very soon, we'll be seeing ghosts and goblins and all sorts of scary things as Halloween makes its appearance! As always, button possibilities are endless!

As you make those unique buttons, don't forget to share! Keep those entries coming in! You could be one of our next winners! Remember, the more unusual, the better! Each Hot Button winner receives a coupon for 10% off their next purchase at
Clausen Family Reunion
Chris Clausen from Ingleside, TX is no stranger to designing family reunion buttons - she's done it's since 1994! But this year's Clausen Family Reunion was special - it was a remembrance of her father who had passed away 10 years ago. The reunion theme was "Where in the World" and highlighted all the places family members had visited or lived. "This year, in addition to the button, my mother had round mouse pads made with the design," Chris said. "It worked very well and is a great way to remember each reunion."
Lion's Pride
Daniel Turner from Lindenwold, NJ, submitted this Lion's Pride button. "My girls were in the local high school marching band known as the 'Marching Lions'," said Daniel. "I made over 150 buttons to sell at our competition!" The buttons were a real bargain at just $1 each - and they were worn by every parent. In fact, the buttons were all sold out before the event started.
Fashion Against AIDS
Lisa Cooley from Littleton, CO, used this button along with others to promote a fundraising effort to benefit AIDS charities. Tokio Hotel, bands and singers were a part of designing clothing and t-shirts for the Fashion Against AIDS project. The products were sold on eBay and the money raised was donted to the local AIDS charity in Colorado.
Steppin' Up for Cancer
Betty Cowger of Cleveland, WV, created this button to raise awareness for the Breast Cancer Awareness Walk being held to help raise money for the West Virginia Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening Program. Prior to the event, the button was worn by event staff and volunteers to promote the event. The buttons were then sold during the event to provide additional monies to fund screening and treatment to low income women who have no insurance to cover their yearly cancer screenings.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Peggy Walker from Kenosha, WI, submitted this cute way to bring attention to Breast Cancer Awareness activities. She sold the button to raise funds to help fight breast cancer.
There's a new high school in Boerne, TX, but Becky Wise wanted to make sure no one forgot the old one! "We live in a very small town and have always had one high school," said Becky. "Last year, a new high school was opened. It was a huge, emotional deal...the old high school was shut down for one year for remodeling...this is the first year both are open."

At the old school, the mascot is the Greyhounds, so the buttons are adorned with ribbons that say "The Pack Is Back." More than 200 of the buttons have already been sold, the school's dance team is reaping the benefits, and more buttons are in the works!
Sunshine Band
Shirley Wilson from Maywood, IL, made this button to give to all the kids at her church that attended the Sunshine Band Day. The Sunshine Band is kids in the church from 1 to 12 years old. During Sunshine Band Day, the kids played games, had a great lunch and met and played with children in other area Sunshine Bands. "The kids loved wearing their buttons to show that they were a part of the group," Shirley said.
The Drumsticks Button was designed by Heidi Coleman Burton of Tipp City, OH, to sell at various functions for the Tipp City Music Boosters. The group sold out of the buttons quickly - and Heidi notes that "Once again, Badge-A-Minit helped to keep the music playing here in Tipp City, Ohio!" We're happy to help!
This little button helps promote positive behavior, according to Faye Seal of Caldwell Middle School. "At our school, children are encouraged to ROAR - Respect, Obedience, Attitude and Responsibility are the key words here!" Faye said. The buttons are used as an extra incentive to encourage children to want to be chosen as Student of the Month and are personalized for each child.