October 2012 Hot Button Winners

Congrats to our
October 2012 Hot Button of the Month Winner!

October's Hot Button of the Month Contest Winner is…Tyler Batchelder from Methuen, MA.. Tyler created the GLEC Monsters button as an extra treat for his students at the school's "Trunk-O-Treat" Halloween event.

"Trunk-O-Treat" is an annual event - staffmembers from each classroom provide their cars, which are parked in a circle around the playground and decorated with a classroom Halloween theme. Students go trick-or-treating from car-to-car for candy and other goodies.

"The buttons were very well received by the kids, and the staff got a kick out of it too!" Tyler said. "Some of the other classrooms were a little jealous, so I promised them a set for their next special occasions. All of this enthusiasm is great to see!"

As the Hot Button of the Month winner, Tyler received a $100 Badge-A-Minit gift certificate.
Congratulations to our October 2012 Hot Button Winners! The holidays are coming up, bringing many button-making opportunities! If you've made a special button or have an interesting way to use your buttons, enter our October Hot Button Contest. You could win a coupon for 10% off your next purchase at Badge-A-Minit.com. And if you're chosen as the November Hot Button of the Month, you'll get a $100 Gift Certificate!
You Can Thrive!
"You Can Thrive...after breast cancer!" was submitted by Ro Santiesteban of NY, NY. The You Can Thrive! wellness model helps people diagnosed with breast cancer to have a better quality of life. In one very unique environment, professional volunteers give their time and services including acupuncture, aromatherapy, reiki, reflexology and massage to reduce symptoms, along with environmental and nutritional education, exercise, meditation and peer support. "We are giving away these buttons to bring awsarenss to the You Can Thrive! Foundation," Ro said.
Think Lavender
Henny Tholkes of North Fork, CA, designed the Think Lavender button to remind people that there are many types of cancer. "We are all aware of the breast cancer, but there are fare more deadly cancers out there that people need to become aware of," Henny noted.
Grassroots Gaming Expo
Michael Schafer of Ottumwa, IA used the Grassroots Gaming Expo button to help raise money to pay for their event. "We had increasing rewards for the different levels of contributions, and everyone who donated $5 or more received an exclusive GGE donor button," Michael said. "The low cost of manufacturing the buttons, plus the ability to do it ourselves, allows us to turn out a product that people want, at a price they don't even hoave to think twice about - and we can still make a tidy profit! There aren't many other professional-looking promotional items that meet those same criteria."