More Hot Tips

Looking for a simple and inexpensive gift? Take a canning jar and attach a magnet button to the top (personalized with the receiver’s name or matched to the theme of your gift) and fill the jar with homemade candy, jam or even potpourri. Then decorate the outside of the jar with ribbons, paints or just about anything.

Decorate our mirror-back button for use as party favors for guests at bridal or baby showers, even wedding receptions. This is a lovely way for guests to remember your special occasion.

If you like to crochet, needlepoint, paint or do any other craft that creates a flat surface and can be designed to fit in a 2-1/4" circle, then use these pieces as artwork for our key chain sets. Make them for yourself, give as gifts or sell them at craft fairs!

Glue a plain-back button to a popsicle stick and use this to mark potted herbs, plants or bulbs, or use as a "care directions" tag. Give the whole plant as a gift.

Make creative place card table settings by using buttons–if you’re hosting a Christmas party, you can make holiday ornaments for each of your guests using ribbons, fabric, a glue gun…you name it!

Make name tags for your class reunions by adding each person’s old yearbook photo and name to the button. See how much everyone has changed!

For the next company picnic or outing, plan fun games and have button awards as prizes.

Any business–no matter how large or small–can use buttons as promotional items or inexpensive give-aways. Add your logo, business hours and phone number to the buttons or magnets and hand them out to all your customers!

Create buttons as tools to promote community awareness or to support a cause.

Make purse mirrors into elegant purse accessories–use needlepoint, beads, faux jewels or one of BAM’s pre-printed designs.

If you work in a restaurant or retail store, add buttons to your uniform or clothing attire–promote a current sale or just be festive by making unique name tags.

Contact area businesses to be their source for buttons this winter–buttons make great giveaways at trade shows and special events.

Make your own personalized button greeting cards by using your Cut-A-Circle™ to cut an opening in the card front and affix the button on the inside of the card so it shows through the opening.