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Parts Special

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25 FREE 2¼" Pin-Back Sets with purchase of 250
Get 25 FREE 2 1/4" Pin-Back Sets with purchase of 250 2 1/4" Pin-Back Sets! A $15 Value!

Pin Down the Best Parts
The precision parts you need to assemble beautiful buttons! Surround your designs or photos with the quality-manufactured parts that are made to help secure and show off your buttons. Our three-piece Pin-Back Sets include a metal front, a metal pin-back (with a no-snag jeweler's pin and safety clasp) and a clear plastic cover.

Made in the USA
40% OffFree Shipping
25 FREE 2¼" Magnetic-Back Sets with purchase of 250
Get 25 FREE 2 1/4" Magnetic-Back Sets with purchase of 250 2 1/4" Magnetic-Back Sets! A $15 Value!

Give Your Buttons Some Pull
Whether it's on the fridge, on the file cabinet or on the chalkboard, you're sure to attract attention with Magnetic-Back Sets. Turn your button creations into list or memo holders, teaching aids and more! Each set includes a metal front, a plain metal back, a plastic cover and a self-adhesive magnetic strip.
Made in the USA
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2¼" Button Parts Best Sellers Set
Save 28%!
2¼" Best Sellers Set includes:
  • 50 Pin-Back Sets
  • 10 Bulldog Clip Sets
  • 10 Spin-Back Sets
  • 10 Magnetic-Back Sets

Made in the USA.
28% OffFree Shipping