May 2011 Hot Button Winners

Congrats to our
May 2011 Hot Button of the Month Winner!

May's Hot Button of the Month Contest Winner is…Brigit Brown from Moriarty, NM.. Brigit's "Mustang" button highlights the mustangs' official position as a symbol of the West!

"I created this button to trade when I go to the National History Day competition in Washington, D.C. in June," said Brigit. "During this academic contest, kids trade buttons representing their states. But I wanted to make a button representing the project I did which also represents the West where I live."

Brigit's project was a documentary about Mustangs. She notes that in 1971, a law was passed saying that mustangs are a symbol of the West.

As the Hot Button of the Month winner, Maegan received a $100 Badge-A-Minit gift certificate.
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Vintage Patriotic
Kimberly Leakey of Larned, KS, entered this Vintage Patriotic button. "I salvage WWII-era magazines and re-purposed the wonderful art into buttons," Kimberly said. Kimberly gives them out as gifts. "This particular one is my favorite. It was an ad for a patriotic broach that you could get by mailing in food labels." Kimberly notes that "People are really in love with how America came together and supported their troops in WWII."
Who can resist a chocolate chip cookie? Kirby Owens of Covington, KY, made this buttons to promote awareness of their's school fundraising bake sale. "It worked out really great!!" said Kirby. "It seemed like more people were paying attention to the buttons than the cookies. The next day we saw tons of students wearing our buttons!"
Power Off; Help Out
This button, submitted by Muskan Parashar of Canyon County, CA, encourages people to "Power Off; Help Out" by taking action to become aware of and fight the problems in today's world, including the population explosion. Buttons are worn and distributed at schools, charity events and work places.
Bi-Lingual Surprise Birthday
Meghan Schaefer from Cute As A Button Designs in North Highlands, CA, makes specially designed buttons for the housekeeping staff at a hotel where she works as a manager. "One challenge I always have is being able to show recognition for each of the housekeepers without showing more for one over the other. So, I began designing each housekeeper her own button to wear on her birthday," Meghan said. "This button happend to be one of my more "popping" designs."
It's My Birthday!
CJ of CJ's Buttons in Illinois sent in this photo of a jazzed up Birthday Button that was worn by a person on their birthday. Adding rosettes and streamers is a creative way to make your buttons really stand out!