March 2011 Hot Button Winners

Congrats to our
March 2011 Hot Button of the Month Winner!

For the first time ever, the same person won the contest two months in a row! March's Hot Button of the Month Contest Winner is…Maria Shireen Thomas from IDSIGN in Centreville, VA.. Maria shared her "one-of-a-kind" designer pins with us this month and we were entranced.

"I call it wearable art," said Maria. "I paint on inexpensive jewelry and make it look very exclusive and attractive in its uniqueness. I chose Badge-A-Minit buttons to showcase my talent!" Maria hand paints the metal surface of the buttons and seals them under the acetate cover (that come with the button parts).

Maria has sold her buttons at various exhibitions and recently sold them at The Kennedy Center - Maximum INDIA event in Washington DC. "I am always stopped by curious eyes when I wear them," said Maria. "I am having fun while making money. And that's what life is about!"

As the Hot Button of the Month winner, Maria received a $100 Badge-A-Minit gift certificate.
Congratulations to our March 2011 Hot Button Winners! Want to show off YOUR special button project? Enter our April contest - you could win a coupon for 10% off your next purchase at
Kitsap 9/11 Memorial Project
Margie Torbron of Bremerton, WA, entered this Kitsap 9/11 Memorial Awareness button. She made the buttons as part of a fundraiser for the Memorial - and to bring ongoing awareness to the project. She sold out of buttons at the first fundraising event and is busily making more for the next fundraiser!
/co/ Anime
Christopher Farmer from Los Alamitos, CA, entered this button that was designed to commemorate a monthly meeting of comic and cartoon enthusiasts that was held at an anime convention in Los Angeles. The design features the avatar for their comics forum and the avator for the anime forum vs. each other. Christopher noted that the buttons were made to identify members and raise awareness for the group.
Know It, Fight It, End It
Amy Perone from Feasterville, PA make this button for the area Annual Purplestride walk. PAN CAN, an organization that wants to end pancreatic cancer, has annual walks throughout the United States to raise funds to find a cure for the disease. Amy has donated more than 300 buttons to the organization to help raise funds and plans to provide more!