July 2008 Hot Button Winners

Congrats to our
July Hot Button of the Month Winner!

July's Hot Button of the Month Contest Winner is…Sue Osborn from Napa, California. Sue's "Centennial Ranch Reunion" button highlights the use of buttons to help celebrate a special reunion or family gathering!

"This year the theme was the celebration of 100 years of a range being in the Ellingson famil," Sue said. "I always include space on the button to write in the attendee's name using an indelible ink pen. This year the name went below the troll."

Susie says the troll on the button is also a pear because not only does it reflect trolls of Norway (where the Ellingsons originated from), but also reflects the call name of the reunion. PEAR stands for Puckett Ellingson and Relations (one side of the family) and Gray stands for the other side of the family.

Sue designs a different theme button every year for the reunion - this year marks 20 years! "Everyone loves them and looks forward to receiving a special reunion button each year!" said Sue.

As the July Hot Button of the Month winner, Sue will receive a $100 gift certificate to Badge-A-Minit.com.
The title of July Hot Button was awarded to five individuals! Winners receive a coupon for 10% off their next purchase at Badge-A-Minit.com.

Want to show off your button design? Take a few minutes and enter it into our August contest. And don't worry if you've entered before - you can enter as often as you wish. We LOVE to hear from you and look forward to sharing your masterpieces with the Badge-A-Minit family!

Star-Spangled Banner
This patriotic button was submitted by Peggy Williams, who "loves to design them." She wore her buttons to celebrate Independence Day on July 4th.
Let Freedom Ring
Another of Peggy Williams' patriotic designs!
4th of July Fireworks
Mark Anthoney Springer from Princeton, IL, submitted this fireworks button. He used it with the spinner backs to really put the fireworks in motion!
Sunbeam Family Services
Pat McKinstry from Oklahoma City, OK, submitted this Do Unto Others design that was used to promote the implementation of employee Reflective Supervision. The design was put onto mirror-back buttons and handed out to employees during an in-service describing the role of supervisor and employee. The mirror helped illustrate the concept of treating your fellow employees and clients the way you would like to be treated and is a gentle reminder of their role as a member of Sunbeam Family Services.
Junior Mounted Officer
Sue Baldaseroni of Burbank, CA, submitted this button. The Burbank Mounted Police unit goes around to elementary schools discussing how bad drugs are for kids. They take their horses and hand out buttons. Sue notes that the children seem to listen more intently when the horses are there and they really love the buttons. The unit also takes their horses and buttons to car shows and other events, selling the buttons to raise funds to maintain the program.
Heroes of Tomorrow
Heroes of Tomorrow was submitted by Autumn Giles of Milford, MI. The button is used to promote science and technology for younger kids. The HOT button will be sold at a fair booth that will have information about robotics, science and technology. The booth will also feature preprogrammed robots that kids can race around a set track.