June 2008 Hot Button Winners

Congrats to our
June Hot Button of the Month Winner!

June's Hot Button of the Month Contest Winner is…Susie Coleman from Little Rock, Arkansas. Susie's "Peace" button fits is nicely with summer's various patriotic holidays and recognitions!

"This is actually a cartoon picture of me that my son created," Susie said. "I designed various buttons for each holiday and in between using my cartoon self and (Badge-A-Minit's) 2¼" buttons. They're a hit everywhere I go!"

Susie says the cartoon's great likeness to herself gets lots of attention and brings a smile to people's faces.

"I want to give others the idea of using buttons to express themselves," Susie said.

As the June Hot Button of the Month winner, Susie will receive a $100 gift certificate to Badge-A-Minit.com.

Congrats to our
October Hot Button of the Month Winner!

October's Hot Button of the Month Contest Winner is…Paul Ingram from Mississippi. Paul's series of "A" Club buttons illustrate a classy way to achieve several goals - promote teams, recognize individuals, and raise money for a good cause!

Paul notes that "we make buttons of all current sports and activities for parents to buy as support - to raise money for uniforms, bus gas, officials..." The buttons are composed using PhotoShop.

The buttons have become very popular, Paul says, and many rival schools ask about them. It's a highly profitable program for the school.

As the October Hot Button of the Month winner, Paul received a $100 gift certificate to Badge-A-Minit.com.
The title of June Hot Button was awarded to five designs! Winners receive a coupon for 10% off their next purchase at Badge-A-Minit.com.

Want to show off your button design? Take a few minutes and enter it into our July contest. And don't worry if you've entered before - you can enter as often as you wish. We LOVE to hear from you and look forward to sharing your masterpieces with the Badge-A-Minit family!

"Chris Young"
This button, submitted by Terri Thompson from the Chris Young Fan Club in Huntsville, AL, was created to promote country music artist Chris Young at the annual SMA Music Fest in Nashville in June. Terri notes that the buttons and the matching t-shirts were a hit with Chris Young's fans!
"Ladies State and Breast Cancer"
This button design tied in Laury McCullough's Dead Boot Chili showmanship team to helping raise cancer awareness at the Ladies State Chili Championship of Texas. The Dead Boot Chili team from Austin, TX, raised $1001 that went to the Susan G. Komen foundation. "It's always fun at the end of the day watching all the people wandering around sporting our buttons," Laury said. The buttons have become collectors' items and people come to the event eager to add the current button to their collection.
"500 Power Word Club"
David Sunia from Long Beach, CA created this button for a classroom of 1st graders who accomplished a class goal - to be fluent in reading a recommended list of 500 words. Each of the children in the class were awarded a McDonald's Happy Meal and their 500 Power Word Club Button. "The kids were totally ecstatic!" David reports.
"Honor Our Service Members"
Sandra Paxton from Santa Rosa, CA submitted this design that she created to support her son in the military. She wears her button every day. Sandra also makes photo buttons for the families of fallen soldiers. She has the soldier's name printed on a ribbon that she attaches to a photo button of the soldier. "The soldier's family and friends cherish the button and wear it with pride," she said.
Mark Springer's button made us smile! The Princeton, IL man uses the button to cheer up people who are feeling down. Mark's photos have won blue ribbons and local fairs and his friend get a kick out of his designs!