June 2013 Hot Button Winner

Congrats to our
June 2013 Hot Button of the Month Winner!

June's Hot Button of the Month Contest Winner is... Gayle Schmidt from Gotcha Giggling in Wiscasset, ME. Gayle made the "This Little Piggy" button to "spread some love to my family and to see what kind of kid-related fun buttons I could come up with for future sales ideas!"

Gayle is just starting to grow her business and is planning to design buttons with a spin on nursery rhymes to sell to children's shops. She also plans to concentrate on doing very custom designs for individuals and feels that will be her "true niche."

"I will need to upgrade to a better machine before I get to that point though," Gayle noted. She can get started on that now - as the Hot Button of the Month winner, Gayle received a $100 Badge-A-Minit gift certificate.
Congratulations to all of our June 2013 Hot Button Winners! If you've made a special button or have an interesting way to use your buttons, enter our July Hot Button Contest. You could win a coupon for 10% off your next purchase at Badge-A-Minit.com. And if you're chosen as the July Hot Button of the Month winner, you'll get a $100 Gift Certificate!
Kidney Disease Awareness
Annette Deno from Jacksonville, FL, wants to make people more aware of kidney disease and its consequences. Annette's husband suffered from kidney failure 5 years ago, and she made buttons for a host of family members to show support for their dad, son, brother, uncle, etc.
Got Cookies?
Louisa Ho from Girl Scout Troop 70677 in West Wendsor, NJ, used this "Got Cookies" button to help motivate Girl Scouts to sell cookies and to give them an easy way to let people know that they were selling cookies. Louisa notes that the buttons were very popular with the girls!
Make a Difference!
Donna Kosman from Lankershim Elementary School in Phelan, CA, entered this "Make A Difference!" button. "We make over 200 buttons every year for Career Awareness Week at our elementary school," Donna said. More than 100 community members visit the school over the course of four days to tell students about their jobs, do demonstrations, and encourage the students to continue their education beyond K-12. "The buttons create a sense of unity for the event. One speaker who has come every year proudly wears all 17 years worth on his work vest!" Donna said.