January 2011 Hot Button Winners

Congrats to our
January 2011 Hot Button of the Month Winner!

January's Hot Button of the Month Contest Winner is…Meghan Schaefer from NSGW in North Highlands, CA.. Meghan's NSGW Hydraulic Parlor button was such a success that it gave her the push she needed to pursue a button business. "Originally, I was curious about creating my own business, but remained hesitant," Meghan said. "Thanks to the great response I got from the NSGW Hydraulic Parlor, I'm actually looking into creating my own business!".

Meghan's father-in-law was the main factor behind the buttons. "He was telling me how his Parlor for the Native Sons was hosting the 49er weekend event for the first time in 2011 and noticed some buttons on my backpack that I had made for fun," said Meghan. She pulled out her sketchpad and they created a design. End result: the Parlor loved the design and order over 100 buttons!

As the Hot Button of the Month winner, Meghan received a $100 Badge-A-Minit gift certificate.
Congratulations to our January 2011 Hot Button Winners! We can tell that people spent this cold, snowy month revving up their button-making activities! Are you making Valentine buttons? Starting to make buttons for a political candidate? Feeling creative and doing photo buttons? Whatever you're doing, when you're finished, don't forget to enter our February contest - you could win a coupon for 10% off your next purchase at Badge-A-Minit.com.
Thunder Mountain Moose Riders
Vandella Anderson from the Thunder Mountain Moose Riders in Tucson, AZ, made these buttons to proudly represent their group.
I (Heart) Skunks
This is one of the most unusual festivals we've ever heard about! Azar Attura of Arlington, VA, created and sold these buttons for SkunkFes, an annual festival where "Skunks Are Royalty" in Ohio. At the festival, people who legally own skunks as pets (descented!) bring them out for a day of fun, contests and general showing-off. There is a Skunk Race (one skunk at a time), a Skunk Dress-Up Contest, and awards for skunks (King, Queen, Princess, etc.)- along with food, vendors and festivities. "I sold out of buttons the first year. The next year, I made more and demand was brisk and so were the sales!" said Azar.
/co/ Round1 Arcade
Christopher Farmer of /co/ comics and cartoons in Los Alamitos, CA, designed this button to commemorate a monthly meeting. Each month, several different designs are made for buttons and everyone who comes to the meeting receives a button. The buttons are so popular that meetings are attracting participants from an ever-increasing distance away. Meeting topics and photos of the button souvenirs are posted online to help drum up even more participation.