Holiday Crafting Ideas
With Badge-A-Minit

The possibilities are endless…

Christmas tree ornaments - use children's photos, wrapping paper or recycle old greeting cards with lace around the edge or rosettes to add a unique touch.

Gift Tags - Accent gifts with button gift tags by using the pin-back or adhesive-back buttons. Hand write your special greeting on colored paper, or make it from the same wrapping paper as the gift.

Greeting Cards - Make your own personalized greeting cards by using your Cut-A-Circle™ to cut an opening in the card front, and then affix a button/ornament on the inside back of the card so it shows through the opening. Perfect for showing off your family!

Another idea is to cut a strip of sturdy paper and attach a magnet photo button to one side and decorate the other side with your greeting!

Refrigerator Magnet Buttons - You and/or your kids will enjoy this fun project, adding decorations of rosettes, glitter or bright ribbons.

Party Name Tags - During school holiday parties, make button name tags for room mothers. Then as a fun activity, allow the class to make their own buttons with markers, colored pencils, crayons, stickers, glitter or anything else they can find.

Canning Jar Gifts - Jazz-up canning jars with a decorative label button attached to the jar's lid, and add ribbons to the jar itself. Whether you fill the jar with homemade canned fruits, candies, dessert mix or even potpourri, this inexpensive gift is perfect for giving during the holidays.

Place Settings - Decorate your table during your holiday dinner by assigning seats using buttons. Design so your guests know exactly which place setting was meant for them, you could use old photos of them from past Holidays.