February 2010 Hot Button Winners

Congrats to our
February 2010 Hot Button of the Month Winner!

February's Hot Button of the Month Contest Winner is…Helen Chung from Woodlynne, NJ. Helen's "The Dude Hates Cancer" buttons are being used to promote The Dude Hates Cancer 2010 charity bowling event in Philadelphia, which is scheduled to take place in August. "This will be the 5th annual event benefiting the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society," said Helen. "The specific purpose of this button is to get more participants and get people interested in signing up for the bowling and fundraising tournament."

The fundraising goal for this year's event is $40,000. Helen is on the organizing committee for the event and decided to put her button maker to good use. Her fiancé created the designs, so she'll be sharing her prize with him. As the Hot Button of the Month winner, Helen received a $100 Badge-A-Minit gift certificate.
There's a lot of great ideas and variety among this month's Hot Button winners - Congratulations to all of them! From birthday parties to fundraising events and from history to fantasy, everyone will find something of interest.

And now it's time for Spring! Send us your newest, "springiest" button ideas and you could win the next prize! Flowers, and Easter bunnies and April Showers - oh my! As always, button possibilities are endless!

As you make those unique buttons, don't forget to share! Keep those entries coming in! You could be one of our next winners! Remember, the more unusual, the better! Each Hot Button winner receives a coupon for 10% off their next purchase at Badge-A-Minit.com.
Mariah's First Birthday
Adorable! That's all we can say about this button entry from Tanya Footman from Footman Desktop Publishing in South Carolina! Tanya made these buttons for everyone who attended her neice's first birthday. "The theme of the party was Sesame Street's Elmo," Tanya said. "We did everything Elmo: invitations, decorations, a banner and of course BUTTONS!" The buttons were a big hit at the party...and Tanya even got some extra button business from party-goers!
Who's Your Granddaddy?
What a great way to promote the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution! "Who's Your Granddaddy?" submitted by Julie Bartlett of Sebring, FL, is catchy, quirky and cute. "Our members love the button and new orders are coming in all the time," said Julie. "They're a great conversation starter!"
Riding the Rails to History
Donna Myers from the Dunbar Historical Society in Dunbar, PA, submitted this button, which is used as an inexpensive souvenir for students who visit the Dunbar Historical Society to see the "Dunbar Coal and Coke Program." Area school classes come on a field trip called "Riding the Rails to History." They arrive by the Fayette Central RR Tourist train, enjoy the program, visit a real newly constructed coke oven, have lunch and ride the train back to their school buses to return to their school.

Donna makes all the buttons and donates them to the Society, who in turn uses them for fundraising.
Know it. All.
Sheila Holle from the Ottawa Herald in Ottawa, KS, submitted the "Know it. All." button, which is part of a marketing campaign for the daily newspaper. The Herald wants a community "Know It Alls." And to "know it all" they need to read the Herald every day. The marketing campaign just started, so no results are available yet. We know it will be a success!
Flashback! Steve Henry of Lubbock, TX, made this button for his 8-year-old daughter, who loves everything colorful. "I designed it to go with her new trendy outfits similar to the 70's that are coming back into style," Steve said. Hmmmm...we remember the first "groovy trend"...wonder if our old clothing is now "vintage"?!?!
Pottermania '09
This button was submitted by Allison Seibel of Portland, OR. "My friend Sarah and I though of a great idea for our fellow Harry Potter nerds when Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince was released," said Allison. "Why not watch all 5 Harry Potters while waiting in line for the movie? So we dubbed this event Pottermania." And what better way to promote Pottermania than by making official Pottermania '09 buttons for everyone who joined! Great idea, Allison and Sarah!
St. Patrick's Day
What would March be without St. Patrick's Day? Barb Takach of Wadsworth, OH, submitted this button, which was designed for a local tavern to commemorate the day. Similar buttons were developed for other taverns in the area.
Winter Fancy
Deborah Bullock of Bozeman, MT, submitted this button magnet, which is made with punched out snowflakes, glitter, sequins and colored paper to make a winter collage. "My coworkers and I did these as a fun activity," said Deborah. "We had so much fun...the magnets are currently decorating many work cubicles or were given away as gifts."