December 2008 Hot Button Winners

Congrats to our
December Hot Button of the Month Winner!

December's Hot Button of the Month Contest Winner is…Marie Blanco from Clermont, France.. Marie's "Mijn Schatje" button help Marie raise awareness of her business - and helped improve sales at the same time!

"The button was made especially for my art show last year," said Marie. "I wanted everyone to be able to buy something at an affordable price and bring a souvenir home."

The buttons were a success! Marie did a limited edition of 150 buttons that sold out very quickly. "Now I still meet people in the streets of Paris wearing my buttons!" Marie said.

As the Hot Button of the Month winner, Marie received a $100 Badge-A-Minit gift certificate.
Three original buttons have been awarded the title of Badge-A-Minit December 2008 Hot Button! Hope you enjoy viewing the winners! Winners receive a coupon for 10% off their next purchase at

If you're designing buttons, we want to hear from you! Please take a few minutes and enter our January contest. We want to see what you're planning for Valentine's Day and the presidential inauguration- and we always look forward to seeing all of the unique ways you're using your buttons!

As always, we LOVE to hear from you and look forward to sharing your masterpieces with the Badge-A-Minit family!

Crimson Jazz
The Goshen High School Jazz Ensembles participate in many concerts and competitions. David Whitehead from the Goshen Band Boosters in Goshen, IN, submitted this promotional button. The button provides encouragement and appreciation to the students from the parents and boosters. David notes that they've received many compliments from other high schools' band boosters - and further notes that "the kids know we love 'em anyway!"
Bombers Sports
Patty Bloms from Foxholm, ND, submitted this "Bombers Sports" button. The Booster Club at Berthold High School uses buttons to raise funds for their Club. "We make picture buttons of our players for the parents and grandparents to wear. We do every sport - football, volleyball, cheerleading, girl's basketball and boy's basketball," said Patty. The Booster Club charges $3 per button, which makes it a wonderful ongoing fundraiser.
Big Deal
Tina Miller of Hurdle Mills, NC, submitted this Big Deal button. She made them to help recognize the high school's drill team when they made it to the National competition. "The girls loved them - they wore them on their clothing, put them on their backpacks, etc.," Tina said.