Promote a Group or Cause

Looking to get the word out about your favorite group or cause? Want to promote an event without investing a lot of cash? Badge-A-Minit is the answer!

Our buttons are easy to make and provide personal one-to-one advertising when distributed throughout your community. Opportunities for exposure are endless. Give buttons to everyone in your group and ask them to hand them out to everyone they know. Sell buttons to supporters. Distribute (or sell) buttons at local events. Use your imagination!

Whether you're making hundreds or thousands of buttons, Badge-A-Minit offers a full range of value-priced button-making machines to optimize your time and profitability. We carry more than 20 equipment possibilities from our most economical Starter Kit to our Semi-Automatic System to our top-of-the-line Automatic System. And no matter which you choose, the Badge-A-Minit Trade-Up Program is available to help you as your needs grow!
2¼" Bench Press System
It's All About the Extras

There's strength in numbers! Give your button construction a boost with the 2¼" Bench Press System. With a Cut-A-Circle and 250 pin-back sets, you'll have an ideal system for group projects, fundraising or special events.
Made in the USA

  • Bench Press
  • 2¼" Assembly rings
  • 2¼" Pin-back buttons, 250 sets
  • 2¼" Cut-A-Circle
  • Free Ground Shipping
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