Business Promotions

  • Large or small, all businesses can benefit from using buttons to promote, to motivate, and even to sell as part of a product line or service!

  • Announce advertised sales or product specials with buttons worn by your entire staff.

  • Keep morale high among employees with creative button awards given weekly or monthly (i.e. "Employee of the Week" or, "Thanks for the extra help this week!").

  • Add buttons to your product line and make big profits! Photographers can make photo buttons, printers can add buttons as a specialty item ... the list goes on and on!

  • Make name tags for the wait staff in restaurants or let everyone make their own! Or, make other fun buttons promoting a new dish or lunch special. Your customers will notice!

  • At large company picnics or outings, make name tags for everyone. You could also make awards, either humorous or serious, to distinguish certain individuals.

  • Store owners/managers can make employee name tags, showcase sales or specials, and promote their establishments with buttons.

  • Any business, no matter how large or small, can use buttons as promotional items or inexpensive give always. Add your logo, business hours and phone number to the button or magnet and hand them out to all your customers!

  • Look at how much you can earn:

    Make this many buttonsYour out-of-pocket cost*Sell them forYour profit
    *cost based on 2¼" button parts & designs.