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Say It With Badge-A-Minit Buttons

protest buttonsno nukes nuclear war protest buttonsButtons have an important and rich history in the United States. A button is a messaging tool, a person to person communications device. A button is a small canvas for ordinary people to express themselves. Buttons can call out oppression or be used as a quiet form of passive resistance.

Did you know that July 21st is the button's birthday? The celebration date is based on the day in 1896 when the final patent on the pin buttons was granted to the nation's first button maker. But really buttons were around a few years before this. At the first presidential inauguration in 1789, George Washington's supporters wore buttons imprinted with a slogan. These early buttons were sewn to the lapel of a coat or worn as a pendant on a string. The first campaign buttons with photographs were produced to promote the political platform of Abraham Lincoln in 1860. vietnam war protest button

Flash forward a hundred and sixty years and people all across the country (and the world!) are using buttons as a way to show their disdain and their support. Though contemporary Americans have more platforms on which to be vocal, it's clear that buttons have remained a vital and relevant form of self-expression.

black power protest buttons At Badge-A-Minit we produce buttons for everything from presidential campaigns to advertising or just buttons that say how you feel. That's the beauty of pin-back buttons- they really can mean many things. We got into this business because everyone really does love buttons and we hope that you will continue to count on us when the time arises that you need to say something on a button. Be a part of this great history of pin-back buttons!

Buttons give anyone a voice! And we've been with you virtually every step of the way. For over 48 years, Badge-A-Minit has helped organizations and individuals wear a message. And we aren't stopping now! In today's society, with so many messages to be heard, we want to do our part to help.

With the purchase of 100 pin-back button parts, our art department will work with you to create a special, customized message for only $39.95. A customized design regularly runs $79.95, but we're slashing that in half! So for $86.90, you're getting 100 pin-back button parts AND 100 copies of your customized button design.

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