August 2008 Hot Button Winners

Congrats to our
August Hot Button of the Month Winner!

August's Hot Button of the Month Contest Winner is…Garth Bruner from Toon Academy in Utah. Garth's "Toon Academy" buttons are being used to promote a new website that encourages kids to draw, especially cartoon/comics and characters.

"A friend and I are launching Toon Academy to teach, inspire and encourage kids of all ages (and adults!) to draw," Garth said. "Best of all, the online lessons are free."

Garth says they will use their buttons as give-aways online, at trade shows, at art festivals to promote the site ( which will be launching soon.

As the August Hot Button of the Month winner, Garth will receive a $100 gift certificate to
Toon Academy
Toon Academy will be prominently displayed on a variety of buttons to promote the new website.
Character To Spare
"I've Got Character To Spare!" proclaims this promotional button for Toon Academy.
Four unique buttons were awarded the title of Badge-A-Minit August 2008 Hot Button! Winners receive a coupon for 10% off their next purchase at

Want to show off your button design? Take a few minutes and enter it into our September contest. And don't worry if you've entered before - you can enter as often as you wish. We LOVE to hear from you and look forward to sharing your masterpieces with the Badge-A-Minit family!

Val's Annual Jimmy Buffet Party
Marc Loftus of Malverne, NY, submitted this fun-loving summer button. The Jimmy Buffet Party button commemorates Val's annual barbecue, which features a tropical theme with Jimmy Buffet music and margaritas. "I drew the original design and she loved it - but at the last minute, she asked if I could add "I was at..." said Marc. The result was a button that was a big hit with guests, who were each given one to remember the party.
"Soakin' Up The Rays"
Aaron McFann of the Head Start program in Ironton, OH, designed this button to highlight some of the fun activities Head Start offered during the summer months. "We made magnetic-backed buttons for safety," said Aaron. "The children loved them." "Soakin' Up The Rays" is just one of a variety of buttons used to make the commemorative buttons.
Vintage Baseball
"Proud parents can wear these buttons of their sons at baseball games, and others can recognize who the boys belong to," said Carolyn Olson of Wishek, ND, who submitted this design. Carolyn first made two buttons for the parents of one player. When other parents and grandparents saw the buttons, they wanted them for themselves! Carolyn made buttons representing most of the players - and even for one of the coaches!
"When The Chips Are Down"
Stewart Hearl from Houston, TX, made this button "to force staid faces to grin!" The button was a success, he said, "but some were delayed a moment or two before they got it!"