2&frac14" Starter System: You Pick

2¼" Starter System: You Pick

Move Ahead

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If you want to venture a little further with your button-making creations, then the 2¼" Starter System is just what you've been looking for. The kit features our original hand press with a supply of fifty 2¼" pin-back button sets. You'll also receive our handy Cut-A-Circle to help you easily shape your artwork into the perfect-sized circle for your buttons. You'll also receive 50 ready-to-wear designs of your choice!
Made in the USA

  • 2¼" Hand Press
  • 2¼" Assembly rings set
  • 2¼" Cut-A-Circle
  • 2¼" Pin-Back Buttons, 50 sets
  • 2¼" Ready-to-use designs of your choice, 50
  • Free Ground Shipping