Educate And Reward

Searching for a way to recognize a hard-working student? Want to motivate and inspire school spirit? Badge-A-Minit is the answer!

Our buttons are easy to make and can be personalized for a unique individual reward or printed with a slogan and given to all students in your school. Give buttons to promote an activity. Sell buttons to help support your athletic teams. Have a button design contest and let students use their imaginations for a fun art project.

Whether you're making a one-of-a-kind button or planning to sell thousands of buttons, Badge-A-Minit offers a full range of value-priced button-making machines to optimize your time and profitability. We carry more than 20 equipment possibilities from our most economical Starter Kit to our Semi-Automatic System to our top-of-the-line Automatic System. And no matter which you choose, the Badge-A-Minit Trade-Up Program is available to help you as your needs grow!
2¼" Bench Press System
It's All About the Extras

There's strength in numbers! Give your button construction a boost with the 2¼" Bench Press System. With a Cut-A-Circle and 250 pin-back sets, you'll have an ideal system for group projects, fundraising or special events.
Made in the USA

  • Bench Press
  • 2¼" Assembly rings
  • 2¼" Pin-back buttons, 250 sets
  • 2¼" Cut-A-Circle
  • Free Ground Shipping
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