Automatic (Professional)

Plug into high-volume 2¼" button assembly with our electric, top-of-line, FULLY AUTOMATED button making machines. Just load your button parts and push a button. It's that easy! With virtually no effort, you'll have finished, professional buttons in seconds.
2¼" Automatic
Able to Take Control

Easy to make, hard to resist. Simplicity meets efficiency with the 2¼" Automatic button machine. This electronic, fully-automated machine creates your 2¼" buttons with just a touch of a button.
Size: 7 1/4" W x 9 5/8"D x 12" H, 30 lbs. Power: 110 V, 3 Amps.
Made in the USA

  • 2¼" Automatic button machine
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2¼" Automatic System
Button Power

The speed of electronics lets the 2¼" Automatic System make quick work of even the most challenging button activities. Use the 2¼" Automatic Cut-A-Circle to shape the perfect circles for your designs and then assemble your buttons with the 2¼" Automatic machine. The 1000 pin-back sets included with this combination provide the finishing touch to this high-volume button-making kit.
Made in the USA

  • 2¼" Automatic machine
  • 2¼" Automatic Cut-A-Circle
  • 2¼" Pin-back buttons, 1000 sets
  • Free Ground Shipping
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